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    When it comes to levelling and restumping your homes in Ipswich, make DPS Fencing your number one choice. Whatever you’re constructing, we always lay a solid foundation to ensure your property is forever safe and secure.

    Poorly laid foundations can cause a world of trouble in years to come, so it's best to get a professional team to complete the work. Contact us for house restumping and re-levelling work that you can trust to last.


    Older houses often use primitive forms of stumping, made out of less durable materials such as wood. Our house restumping specialists in Ipswich will replace your old stumping with more durable and modern materials to help save you time and money in the long run. DPS Fencing is proud to offer and add safety for your family and protection for your property investments.
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    Before you begin building a property, call DPS Fencing to take care of all your levelling requirements. With many years of experience, you can count on our team to ensure your homes are level before building work is complete. Contact us today for a free consultation at your property about setting things straight.
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    Timber stumps can shrink and subside over time, leaving your home un-level and unsafe. When left untreated, the problem will gradually get worse and your home may eventually give way to gravity. Here are some signs to look out for that should tell you if your home needs re-levelling:

    • Doors not closing or hanging properly
    • Uneven windows that may also be cracked
    • Painted walls and tiles on floors and walls may crack
    • Built-in appliances may wobble and be uneven on floors

      If you are unsure if your homes need re-levelling, call your local restumping and re-levelling experts at DPS Fencing in Ipswich to inspect your homes and provide a cost-effective solution.  

      Free consultation and quote

      If you have any restumping and levelling needs in Ipswich, call your local specialists at DPS Fencing. All our work is carried out to the highest industry standards to leave you rest assured that your homes are safe and secure. We offer a 5% discount to pensioners and a free consultation and quote to all potential clients.

      Call us today on 07 3288 0985 for a free consultation and
      quote on our restumping and levelling services!

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